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It's quite simple to use, and the user experience is excellent. They make adding contacts, syncing with CRM, reporting, and running sequences a breeze. I like how simple it is to go over daily duties and see where contacts are located in the sequences.

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Personalized multi-channel outreach

Your customers are always informed and active on multiple platforms. Your sales team won't have to sort through tons of emails. Outplay's multi-channel approach helps your sales team follow up with your buyers and reach them wherever they are - whether it's email, phone, text/SMS, LinkedIn or Twitter.



An effective platform tool that will speed up the sales process and collect more customers. Help your professionals receive and make calls from a browser anywhere. 


Turn an email into a chat conversation

You're reaching out to highly qualified potential customers, don't let your intercom/drift push them away with obvious questions when they visit your website. Instead, impress them with pleasant, accessible and prompt responses to get the conversation started quickly and set up an appointment.


Online Meeting Calendar.

Make appointments with clients, share your calendar with them right inside the mail, without forwarding. Automated reminders will reduce no-shows. 


Productivity tools

Chrome extension with features like open tracking, link tracking, pending emails to send, reminders, appointments, templates and sequences.