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Nobody compares to CloudTask. This is a group that will actively strategize with your company and then fill in the gaps with the exact employees required to complete the task. In just six months, we brought in over $80,000 in contacts because to CloudTask. What they do here is very unique...this is one of the few businesses that "gets it."

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There are several important steps, or should I say patterns, for outbound search campaigns. CloudTask summarizes them to give you an idea, as a client, of how to get the most out of the platform.




What you need for effective cold mailings is the right person for maximum results, the right message you want to convey to potential customers and the right timing. Each of these three factors is reinforced by several CloudTask features.


Ideal Company Profile - Identify the type of companies most likely to buy your product or service based on industry, company size, average deal size.


Ideal Buyer Type - Identify the specific stakeholders in your target companies that you need to engage with. Your buyers typically fall into three categories: evaluators, influencers, decision makers.


Qualified Questions - Identify the attributes that distinguish interested leads from sales opportunities: those who have the ability to go from "opportunity" to "successful deal" if the next sales negotiation goes well.


Scripts for handling cold calls

The service has the ability to create scripts for cold calls via phone, voicemail and SMS - this is the most effective way to reach customers at all stages of the marketing campaign lifecycle.


LinkedIn cold outreach scripts - targeted and relevant messages and connection requests to connect and start conversations through LinkedIn.


Cold email scripts - create relevant and compelling cold newsletters to complement your cold call.


Sales Cadence - Your sales pitch is a sequence of specific "steps" designed to engage potential customers through various communication channels.


Referral Process - The sales department passes on valuable information about potential customers to the sales department, giving them more personalized meetings regarding deals.


Retrospectives - you can create a feedback loop to evaluate the sales team's performance and continually improve it.