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Streak pipelines are fantastic for tracking almost anything. Because I'm a solopreneur, I've been using the free version for years and it's perfect. I keep track of public relations campaigns, freelance writing submissions, book launch teams, and quotes from other authors endorsing my works. It's wonderful and straightforward. I've also used it for digital adspace sales pipelines, and it's fantastic.

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A solution for automating cold newsletters. Streak is also an CRM system with GMail integration. In addition to managing the auto sales funnel, this solution allows you to make cold calls and send merged newsletters.




  • Personalizing the mailing list with numerous templates.

  • Scheduling newsletters or folloops, setting reminders for them.

  • Ability to work as a team.

  • Ability to track stats and deliverability of emails.

  • Mobile app for cold calls.

  • Filters for sorting emails.

  • Sidebar to decipher the context of each email.




  • No dedicated sales dashboard - your sales processes can pile up on Gmail for a long time.

  • May not clearly show which identifier in the email chain viewed the email.

  • Personal plan doesn't offer reporting features




  • Personal plan - free - basic mail merge and CRM features such as data import and export.

  • Professional: $59/month per user - includes "Personal" features + advanced CRM features such as email filters and sales reports, call logs + basic API access + integration with Zapier.

  • Enterprise: $159 per month per user - includes "professional" advanced features + full API access + advanced settings.