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Love the tool, easy to use, love the calendar functionality! Favorite features are the previews of links/pdfs and the live feed. Also it is very easy to collaborate and use as a team, share sequences, templates, etc. Also love the integration with Salesforce, so you can just add lists from SF directly into a mixmax sequence. With a couple changes i think Mixmax is perfect tool.

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What is Mixmax?


Mixmax is a professional productivity tool for Gmail and Google Inbox.


Mixmax allows sales professionals to transform emails from simple and static to more interactive, extending the capabilities of Gmail. It includes email scheduling, setting up appointments with Google Calendar, creating surveys and polls, getting visual previews of links and more.


It's a platform that supports email tracking, which means the user can see when their message has been opened. It is mainly used by sales, hiring, support and marketing departments. Another feature is templates and a personalized email generator to create professional email marketing campaigns.


With our email tracking software for Gmail, you'll know as soon as someone opens your message, with real-time email tracking and Google alerts. Sending to a group? We'll show you who opened your message so you can respond accurately.