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It took me only a few hours to become acquainted to the software, and after a few days, I was successfully operating many email campaigns. One of their staff connected with me on linked and aided me with several features I was ignorant of, without even realizing there was this wonderful support team there to help keep you functioning at your best.

I also scheduled a one-on-one support session with a member of Klenty's support staff on Teams, and he helped me with more advanced settings to ensure we were running smoothly.

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What exactly is Klenty?


There is a tool called Klenty that allows internal sales reps to send personalized emails and automatically follow-up at any scale.


To find, inform, and follow up on leads in B2B sales, Klenty created a piece of software. With Klenty, your sales team will be able to generate more leads and close more sales with less manual effort.


Klenty makes it simple to:


  • Make a list of potential customers and contact them one by one.

  • Get in touch with them via email by finding their company addresses on the internet

  • Send one-on-one cold emails that are tailored to the recipient.

  • Set up appropriate scalability for automatic tracking.

  • Keep track of email openings, clicks, and responses, among other things.


Klenty has over 600 happy customers all over the world.