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Online customer record system for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses. The system has a basic set of tools necessary for accounting (Contact Manager, Transaction Accounting, Events Calendar, Integration with mail and telephony, Export and Import), as well as an application store for installing additional functionality, so the system is simple and not overloaded with extra functionality, but it can be added as needed. Very recommended!

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Minimum tariff plan


Referral program


Referral system conditions

5% от оборота

Trial version


Trial version terms

30 дней



CRM-system that adapts to your needs


We will assist you in maintaining customer records, automating and controlling sales, and earning more money.


CRM has the following advantages:


Process automation

With a simple and easy CRM, you can automate processes in your sales department and increase profits.


Principle of a Single Window

Get rid of multiple unrelated systems and manage all of your sales, projects, and documents in a single location.


Complete Command

Use the service from the moment you receive an incoming request until you close the deal and resell it.


Trial period is provided for free.

Try the system for free for a month and then pay for it if you like it.