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TimeDigital CRM is a service for automating marketing, triggered email newsletters, auto-triggers and deal management in CRM. The main idea of the service is personalized messages based on visitors' actions on the site. Thanks to lead scoring and site/event tracking tools, you can personalize emails and create dynamic content. There is a CRM module for the sales department where a manager can manage transactions and set tasks.


Great for small and medium-sized businesses.


The main features of the service:


  • Triggered email newsletters based on the behavior of the user of the site.

  • Smart auto-links and auto-funnels.

  • Creation of autotickets.

  • Detection of customer geolocation.

  • Advanced website visitor segmentation with site/event tracking and lead scoring tools.

  • Drag & drop letter editor.

  • Content personalization in newsletters.

  • Transaction tracking and sales automation in the CRM module.

  • Integrating with 150 services.

  • Integrating with e-commerce platforms.

  • Identification of social links.