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Salesflare is a lightweight CRM system for small and medium businesses. With Salesflare, marketing and sales teams can avoid being distracted by the cluttered interface of most CRM systems and devote more time to their work. CRM is more suitable for B2B companies.


In Salesflare, data about deals and leads is filled in automatically. They are uploaded from social networks, company databases, phone contacts, emails, calendars. The data is displayed as text data and as graphs with time segments where there was contact with the client. Saleflare automatically reminds of customer transactions, helps to follow up and get information about them.


Managers and employees with access can assign tasks of following up with clients or finding new leads to their colleagues. You can view the status of leads in the Opportunities section, where you can see the status and performance of deals in the form of a kanban board. Salesflare also allows you to view real-time dashboard with static data and company budget information.


Salesflare features

  • Automatic completion of deal data.

  • Visual view of the sales funnel.

  • Analytics and reports.

  • Email, link and website tracking.

  • Collaboration.

  • Integration with popular services using Zapier.