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In Planfix, you can:


  • Customize the company structure and assign roles to employees, giving them access only to specific projects, tasks, and data.

  • Create a unique workspace for each position or employee with a logo, color scheme and menu sections.

  • Organize projects of any nesting, set tasks and monitor their fulfillment with handy reminders.

  • Add checklists, dividing a task into several steps.

  • Create deals, support requests, or anything else using templates.

  • Handle emails, calls, orders from the website, messages from messengers, comments from social networks.

  • See how many tasks are currently in what status, who executed them, and what they ate for lunch (PlanFix allows you to account for any required data). Change these and other parameters by simply dragging and dropping tasks into the appropriate column of the Planner.

  • See work on several projects at once on a single Gantt chart.

  • Work with contacts: add relevant fields to a contact card, filter and segment contacts, import contacts and synchronize them with Google Contacts.

  • Use analytics to keep track of finances, time, and other parameters. And it's up to the user to decide what he or she wants to keep track of and what data he or she needs.

  • Use the universal report designer to make reports on projects, tasks, contacts, actions and directories, and combine them in the most fancy ways.

  • Upload, view and edit documents. Create document templates and generate real bills, acts, contracts, invoices, etc.

  • Use ready configurations: "Billing", "Reconciliation of documents", "Reconciliation of vacations", "Working time account", etc. Modify them to suit you or create your own.