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Agile CRM is a service for automating the sales and marketing process, it covers two halves - customer relationship management and e-commerce. With this system, it is easier to find out what clients there are, enter contact information, automate communications and schedule meetings. The service also lets you track follow-up deals and optimize workflow through a drag-and-drop dashboard based on an Agile interface.


There is full integration with telephony, along with marketing support for email, social messaging and SMS. The system automates customer interaction with messages, pop-ups, offers, surveys and forms.


  • Contact management.

  • Sales management.

  • Meeting scheduling.

  • Custom fields.

  • Tracking E-mail.

  • Email integration.

  • Newsletters.

  • Recording conversations.

  • Create Web forms.

  • Marketing automation.

  • Social monitoring.

  • Mobile marketing.

  • Plugins.

  • Chrome extension.

  • Analytics and reporting support.

  • Monitor business performance.