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Price is one of the main advantages. Simple limitless mailer with the ability to load your own template. Acceptable store for us. Acceptable support. Sometimes answers quickly sometimes not. There is a function to track the effectiveness of advertising. Integration with Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics.

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AutoWebOffice is a specialized solution for doing business on the Internet, which allows you to automate tasks such as billing, receiving payments, collecting subscribers and email mailings, working with partners, creating single-pages, managing employees, advertising campaigns, cost accounting and much more.


The main functions and features of the CRM AutoWebOffice include the following:


  • Uninterrupted CRM operation, high data security and accessibility from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

  • Around-the-clock billing, order collection and payment acceptance (24/7 sales).

  • Tools to build an affiliate network to promote products and services on the Internet.

  • Visual statistics on business development in all required cross-sections (sales amount, number of invoices, popularity of payment methods, sales dynamics demonstration) and data display options (diagrams, tables etc).

  • Tracking the effectiveness of advertising campaigns (Yandex.Direct, SMM, mailing list advertising, banner advertising, etc.)

  • Collection of the subscriber base and organization of email newsletters with a high percentage of deliverability and compliance with global requirements for the organization of newsletters.

  • Flexible subscriber and contact database segmentation for high performance email newsletters.

  • Clear statistics on the work with email newsletters (how many letters are delivered, how many are opened, how many clicks on links, etc.).

  • Organizing distance learning for customers with progress tracking and consistent delivery of training materials (selling training courses, trainings, seminars, webinars).

  • Employee management.

  • Setting tasks and monitoring the execution of assigned tasks.

  • Automatically assigning regular tasks (submitting reports, preparing closing documents, etc. - Recurring tasks).

  • Setting up access rights to CRM sections for maximum business security and convenience.