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I like absolutely everything in the Alfa CRM system. Very structured and understandable database. If you have a question and do not understand how to act, you can contact technical support and the girls will kindly answer all your questions.

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Trial version


Trial version terms

14 days



CRM for the training center. 



  • Convenient sales funnel.

  • Tracking sources of new customers

  • Graphical and tabular analytics in dynamics

  • Integration with social networks, IP telephony, website

  • Online booking for classes

  • E-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber mailing list, auto-mailing.

  • Handy book with subtasks and reminders

  • Triggers and autotasks

  • Teachers' work schedule and mode

  • Convenient and clear class schedule

  • Passes, groups, suspensions, workovers

  • Private offices for teachers

  • Private student accounts

  • Income and expenses by items

  • Calculating teachers' salaries

  • Integration with cash registers, acquiring

  • Flexible customization of access rights

  • Independent integration of printing forms with data autocompletion

  • Unlimited number of users

  • Maintenance of branches and multiple offices


Alpha CRM is a system for relieving administrators, managers, and teachers from routine tasks: filling out journals, dealing with debtors, and calculating salaries at different rates for individual and group lessons. The system provides automatic calculation of subscriptions for students, and the human factor and the possibility of errors is minimized.


Initial setup and training takes 2-3 days and does not require additional fees. Technical support is built into the system. On a trial 14-day period you can fully test the entire functionality for free and then continue to work in the same database. There is a knowledge base and video tutorials in the system for quick training of employees.