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5CRM connects the company and the customers. The system integrates elements of management from advertising content to sales. It includes most types of communication in order to allow the customer to effortlessly buy a product or service, and to tell their friends about the contractor. The system allows you to work with remote contractors and reduce their costs.




  • Built-in virtual PBX - a single tool for sales and service organization.

  • Call-tracking - allows you to find out from which particular ad the customer made a call. 5CRM uses static and dynamic ways of tracking.

  • Cross-cutting web analytics for advertising campaigns.

  • Callback Widget - At the right time and automatically connects your client and your manager.

  • Special filters to show shortcomings.

  • Transaction Sheet - with flexibly customizable fields.

  • Make it easy to work with your colleagues - work together on deals, give each other advice.

  • Calls from 5CRM - Call a customer from the deal card in one client.

  • SMS from 5CRM- register a letter sender and send sms to clients directly from the deal card.

  • All documents are stored in 5CRM

  • Work simultaneously with deals and with the right quick access panel for calls, notifications and tasks.

  • With 5CRM you're always up to date - notifications via Telegram, Viber, Email, SMS, Push.

  • Worldwide numbers - no need to search for different suppliers, all in one place and with a single click

  • Visual structure shows the hierarchy in the company and helps to properly distribute access rights.

  • Access permissions in 5CRM - permissions and roles allow to assign employees to the right places and with the right access permissions.

  • Automatic requests distribution - no more need to worry about who and what requests should be processed, 5CRM handles this task automatically.

  • Automatic sales funnel

  • Contact Protection

  • Sales plans and reports

  • Statistics by employees

  • Statistics by funnels

  • Cloud storage