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Features of the service include:


  • Moonship is made to make your company stand out and be different. You may swiftly customize its design to the point that your consumers won't notice the difference. The most user-friendly tool for producing pop-ups.

  • Identify the correct target group and convert more consumers by developing a limited offer or discount message, resulting in a 40 percent increase in conversion rates.

  • With Shopfiy integration, discount code filters, order statistics, and conversion rates are all available.

  • A/B testing is automated and requires its own setup. The results can be seen at any time.

  • To figure out who gets discounts, the AI uses data from over 10 million distinct consumer profiles. You may boost your store's service and sales using this technique.




  • Free Standard plan - personalized discounts generated by AI, automatic fraud elimination and calculation, shared conversion tracking board, customizable branding, unlimited Moonship orders.

  • Premium plan - $19.99 per month - everything in the standard plan and more - you can remove the Moonship logo and get 24/7 support.