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I like that making a banner without the help of a web professional is (relatively) simple, and that turning banners on and off is as simple as clicking a button.
I wish there was a way to schedule banners for things like product releases so I didn't have to manually enable/disable them. The user interface is likewise not particularly user-friendly.

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Hello Bar assists me in capturing visitors and directing them to the destinations I choose. Hello Bar is one of the first places visitors to our site go, and it plays a big role in attracting them as clients. Hello Bar is appealing since it is simple and easy to use. The design is straightforward but engaging. The tool itself is simple to set up and use. Customers are quickly drawn to it as a viable option. It is quite effective and beneficial. A/B testing is a feature that I truly like. This has proven to be really useful and simple to use.

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Browser extension


The service features 


1. A large number of settings.

Different colors, buttons, size, movement with the page, the ability to collect emails, etc.


2. Adaptability

If you are sitting from a computer, right now grab the browser by the corner, reduce the size of the window and see for yourself.


3. Sufficiently detailed analytics 

Number of impressions - 1, conversions - 2, percentage conversion - 3.


4. Creation of widgets in the form of a line in the header of the site

5. Suitable for mobile and desktop versions of the resource

6. A/B testing of banners

7. The interface in English, the widget text is recognized in any language

8. Targeting