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I am satisfied with the work. I like the approach of the team and the proposed solutions to the problems.

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Compared to others - excellent service. I ordered 110 CIS links from them. I was satisfied with everything: both quality and service. I was pleasantly surprised by the manager, who was in touch even after-hours and always quickly solved the problem. The fact that there are different methods of payment is also very convenient.
I came here with a promo code from seo tool. It is beneficial because I got 20 more free links.

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8 years engaged in site building, but never had to buy links in the service, did not believe in the result.

I myself have done various runs, which did not yield results, and if they did, it was for a couple of months.

After reading about the various crowded-marketing services, I decided to try this kitchen and chose referr.

Managers quickly developed a strategy to promote the site based on the competitors for 6 months. All my wishes were taken into account.

The result was already visible after 15 days. The positions began to grow, and some key queries beat resources of 10 years old.

The result surpassed all expectations!

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Price for 50 links from


Type of service:

Crowd links

Minimum tariff plan

$191 for 50 pcs.

Compensation for deleted links


Referral program


Referral system conditions

10% from a referred client

Supports russian


The Reffer team has been working under the brand since November 2013, but they started crowdfunding even earlier. For about 2 years they used crowdfunding to develop internal projects in the CIS markets and abroad. With its active participation, they managed to grow projects from scratch to tens of thousands of visitors per day!


They have experience of cooperation with very interesting clients and companies, to whom they are certainly grateful for trust and joint work for the sake of results. 


Job specializations include:

  • Banks

  • Institutions of finance

  • Online retailers, ranging from small and local to national and international players;

  • Sites that provide services

  • Online services in the CIS and the United States

  • Developers


One of the service's key missions is to educate the market. is the market leader in learning crowdfunding and link building in the CIS market, with dozens of materials on their blog, hundreds of guest articles, webinars, and video tutorials.


Who does Reffer's service for, and what problems does he solve?


If you value your time, like to use a high-quality product, and want a predictable outcome, the Reffer team will find common ground with you, since they enjoy assisting their customers in achieving their objectives.


If you are willing to engage in a productive discourse and solve real-world problems, a huge bank or a start-up online store are as valuable for the service. has learned to solve a variety of customer business situations during the last five years.