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Great service, greatly helps to relieve the department of SEO and accelerate the process of promotion.

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I did not find any disadvantages of this service

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There is a need to promote the site. The main element of promotion on the Internet are articles, news, press releases, interviews, discussions, reviews and analytics. By posting content only on your resource, we cover a minuscule part of the target audience. This service extends these boundaries to almost infinity: you can publish information and advertising materials on the resources with a large readership. All materials in the system are placed manually. There is no automatism. Exhibition on more than 48000 sites. Notable increase in visibility and positions in search engines.

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PRPosting is a platform that assists with the publication of information and advertising materials on a variety of venues.



  • To grow the audience, PRPosting focuses on link development, content marketing, and stealth marketing.

  • Articles are manually placed on the resource.

  • 100% money-back guarantee and a week-long refund period.

  • Custom content creation - you can offer a task, and the service's authors will undoubtedly assist you in creating high-quality content.

  • There are over 44000 sites where you can publish your materials, giving you a wide choice of options for placement.

  • After some time, the efficiency and growth of positions rises, which is a visible consequence.


PRPosting is appropriate for:

  • Publication of press releases.

  • Using hidden marketing to influence your audience and create a favourable picture of your brand on the internet.

  • Including your brand or products in informative posts.

  • Building and expanding traffic, as well as attracting new visitors, is the goal of link building.