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Personal thanks to the manager Natalia Solovey for help and competence. I think our company saved much time on choosing the sites for promotion and communicating with the admins.

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Of course, you should not do everything thoughtlessly and haphazardly. Marketing tools are designed to apply them. Especially their use is relevant today, when everything is quiet. We should not forget about SEO-optimization, targeted advertising, email marketing, content marketing, website modernization, etc. There really is a lot to do and it will all start to bear fruit as soon as the pandemic is over. So I can't complain about this service.

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Good day everyone. I would like to leave a review and thank PRNEWS.IO and in particular the manager Natalia.
A competent specialist, it is clear that a professional. She knows what she is doing and knows the ins and outs of advertising. I can't thank her enough for the information she gave me.
The feedback was excellent. She took her time and helped me avoid mistakes and misunderstandings at all stages.
I thank her again and we will use her again.

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A platform for public relations stories to be published on news sites all around the world. The concept of a "all in one window" allows you to share stories with the rest of the world on your own terms. With PRNEWS.IO, you can distribute news in only a few clicks.