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The game has a system of automatic withdrawal, working with a minimum amount equal to 1 ruble. + excellent referral program.

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The service is average, for its price could be better.

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There are no pluses rip-offs most real Took on his head a loan of 15000, more precisely, they approved 15000 and the card translated only 8000. And at each payment from the card and still a commission of at least 3000 rubles. Took 15000, and gave probably all 50,000.

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Minimum tariff plan


Referral program


Supports russian


Capabilities of service


High-speed submissions

Money Robot offers a number of multi-threaded functions (it's like having 100 employees working on your site's rating at the same time).


Process of submission that is smart

The procedure of creating an account is completely automated. To begin, there are no buttons to press; the account creation procedure is completely automated, including email activation. There is no need for human intervention.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence.

The software may easily dodge any robot detection methods by simulating real human activity (user activities on websites) using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.


There's no need to look for and clean up website lists any longer.

We have colossal server resources that scour the Internet for any website that can offer high-quality backlinks to your site, and you can submit your content fully automatically.


Article spinning and rewriting

Money Robot Submitter program includes a built-in spinner / rewriter, so you don't have to worry about duplicate content fines. You may now automatically rewrite and create hundreds of different versions of your articles.


Your Live Link Checker's backlink monitoring feature

At up to 500 threads every second, easily monitor and track all of your live backlinks, including anchor texts and all other information relevant to your backlinks.


FREE customer support


Our support team is always at your service, available via live chat, Skype, email, through our ticketing system, and available in our Facebook group. All of our technical representatives are English-speaking people (we now also offer support in Spanish).


Updating the list of automatic sites


Our scanning servers find new websites every day. So, you will get new listings of websites updated daily. You do not need to search/clear your website listings. You will receive a fresh list of websites daily that you can automatically submit your content to.


Captcha Solution That Works Automatically

Money Robot solves all captchas, including complex captchas, picture captchas, text captchas, calculation captchas, and any other captchas, automatically and for free. Solving captchas is completely automatic and completely free.


Guaranteed money back

You get a seven-day free trial period and a seven-day money-back guarantee. We will fully refund your money if you determine that Money Robot Submitter is not the best SEO solution for you.