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Once bought a few links, for some queries rose in prominence, but after 2 years almost all have fallen away, apparently there is a time limit or I was so lucky with the donors.

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Cool, convenient, modern service. I promote a few client sites and my own. Take down links minimum, a lot of different and handy plushkas, auto-replacement in general fire, so saves time. Also like the fact that they can help with the selection of sites, have recommended sites, have reports on the purchase, you can remove the position, etc. In general, all enough to work and provide analytics to their customers. Adequate webmasters, the main thing correctly draw up TOR. JV always helps and goes to the meeting. Customer-oriented exchanger!

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Convenient service for buying links. Once you set up a company, run the schedule and all is well and good to go.

You only need to check in time executed orders. Sometimes you have to return the job to improve, but it does not depend on the service, but on the performers. If anything, exchanger help to sort out who is right, if the work was done wrong. In general, links to buy through the exchanger is convenient and safe. In general, I recommend it.

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Type of service:

Eternal links

Compensation for deleted links


Referral program


Referral system conditions

30% from a referred client

Advertiser commission (%)


Webmaster commission (%)


Supports russian


The site should bring income - this is the principle from which the service team proceeded when developing GoGetLinks. Service allows very good earnings on their own sites, placing notes and contextual links on them. For the optimizer, this service - a unique opportunity to build up an external reference mass with quality links.


The following are the key benefits of GoGetLinks:

  • All of the sites in the system are moderated (the system gets less than 20 percent of the proposed sites).

  • Inefficient, non-working sites, as well as hazardous sites, donors, who may soon fall under the filters, are blocked.

  • Webmasters write the reviews. The optimizer's only task is to write the assignment's text.

  • Reviews and relevant links are manually submitted indefinitely.