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I have used various crowdfunding services, and I can say with confidence that these guys do better than everyone else. But they have their own flaws as well, so you have to keep an eye on their work.

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All links are placed on quality trusted thematic resources, using accounts with unspammed history.
Given that the subject matter was quite specific (contextual advertising), some posts surprised me pleasantly.
Happy to recommend this service.

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Crowdlinks was great tool for me. We were using the service couple of years, and fully satisfied with the options crowdlinks provide.

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Price for 50 links from


Type of service:

Crowd links

Minimum tariff plan

$32.5 for 10 pcs.

Compensation for deleted links


Referral program


Referral system conditions

from 10% of the client

Supports russian


Crowdlinks are a natural way to promote a website.


The service's priorities in site selection are as follows:

  • relevancy (we identify postings on forums where the most recent post on the issue should be no more than one month old);

  • daily attendance (more than 300 unique visitors every day);

  • absence of spam on CheckTrust and other search engine punishments;

  • relevance (posts in which links are embedded must be related to the topic);

  • in addition, the presence of your target audience should be a top focus while choosing sites;

  • territoriality (we work with geo-dependent forums, according to your business).