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There are many options for adding content, pop-ups, polls, etc.
The registration page - it's often not read to the bottom of the screen, where you actually have to click to get to register. The set-up pages should have to continue at the bottom of each page instead of having to scroll to the top of the page. Also, just logging into Webinarjam should just be a click on the Webinarjam box.

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As a webinar host, WebinarJam provides me with a wide range of options. Registration page, one-click registration link, goal monitoring, design customization, excellent chat room, and good statistics

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Наличие партнерской программы


The most powerful all-in-one webinar platform. WebinarJam's cloud-based broadcast technology allows you to reach up to 5,000 people in a single presentation, with no headaches!


By purchasing one of the plans you will get the following features:


  • Chat during the broadcast - engage your audience with a variety of options including group chat, personal comments, dedicated comments and more.

  • Spotlight participants - encourage live feedback or interactive discussion by bringing any participant onto your virtual stage during the webinar.

  •  Active Proposals - turn your webinars into full-fledged profitable events with live, illustrative proposal presentations.

  • Drawing board - enhance your presentations by taking handwritten notes right on top of slides or drawing diagrams to explain a concept.

  • Automatic Recording - Record your webinars automatically and share them using Replica Replay, which simulates everything that happened in the broadcast room.

  • Page Builder - increase registrations with professionally designed but fully customisable pages. All designs are 100% mobile adaptable.

  • Surveys and polls - quiz your audience and enhance your content with engaging polls that let you learn more about your visitors.

  • Introductory videos - plug in pre-recorded videos and run your presentation on autoplay.

  • Flexible scheduling - run your webinars exactly when you need them, with an ongoing webinar or scheduled webinar.

  •  Email and SMS system - schedule a series of notifications before and after the webinar, both by email and SMS, so your registered users never miss what you have to say.

  • Useful materials for participants - easily share downloadable files, such as homework or a must-read PDF, with your participants during the webinar.

  • Paid webinars - Create a paid webinar by connecting a payment gateway during registration. Use rooms with a set password to protect your content.