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Proficonf is a cloud-based video conferencing platform. It allows you to easily join meetings from any device with no installation required. You receive a link via email and when you click on it, you get connected. Proficonf supports PC, Mac and mobile devices. It is available as an iOS app as well as Android app.

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It's a web-based video conferencing program that's ideal for small businesses looking to communicate or discuss anything. It gives you a lot of choices, such as sharing your screen and uploading data. It works like any other video conferencing service, but it's especially useful for influencers and small business owners. As an influencer, I use it to collaborate with brands.

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Наличие партнерской программы


Share whatever you want to share


Communication means sharing. Proficonf allows you to use a wide range of file sharing options within the conference: images, text and sound. Chances are higher that you get your message across to the full audience. Use the full potential of your media files, whether on your PC or in the cloud, and share them now at Proficonf. You can easily share your music track with your guests, preview your videos, share some content on Youtube and much more.


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