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Overall, their customer service has been awesome! I like the ease of use, the simple interface, and that you can schedule out video content as a live stream. I don't like that if you're going live, the overlays are not available. I'm hoping they change this as well as grandfathering those who purchased the lifetime deal into the studio feature and other upcoming features.

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Our internet did not go live on the scheduled day, so I called One stream via their online chat. I was connected to Asher, who was really patient and helpful, and who got me up and running in within 15 minutes. The problem was discovered to be a result of user error, and the system was up and running as soon as all of the wires were plugged into the proper ports.

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Наличие партнерской программы


Go live or post timely recorded video broadcasts to 40+ social media outlets at the same time. Save time and effort. Focus on creating interesting and engaging videos that can be streamed.




  • Social media broadcasts - for 40+ different platforms including FaceBook, YouTube, Wowza, Twitch, etc.

  • Pre-recorded streaming - schedule a stream or pre-record for a live social media broadcast 60 days in advance.

  • Live streaming - use any live streaming software such as OBS, Zoom, Wirecast, XSplit and more. 

  • Embedded player - you can embed a live streaming player directly on your website to widen your audience.

  • Playlists - queue your recorded videos and schedule them for live streaming in any order across multiple platforms or social networks.

  • Customizable RTMP broadcast - you can customize the purpose of an RTMP broadcast with a server link and broadcast key.

  • Cloud storage - integration with Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, pCloud, Box,; you can import videos directly from these platforms to save traffic.

  • Subtitle options - with SRT files you can add subtitles to your broadcast.

  • Multiple file upload options - you can upload video from the internet as well as from your own computer, use your webcam for broadcasts or snapshots.

  • Team management - use this solution to communicate with your team for more convenient and efficient broadcasts.



  • Free plan - with certain limited features. 

  • Basic - $10/month - ability to queue 3 recordings at a time, 5GB maximum video size and storage space, 360 video support, email support.

  • Standard rate - $39 - unlimited broadcasting time, pre-recorded broadcasts or live streams, 25 additional accounts, unlimited files in the cloud, subtitles, priority email support. 2 team members, analytics.

  • Professional Rate - $89/month - unlimited broadcasts, prerecording, 1 hour broadcast recording, 25 accounts, captioning, unlimited file size via the cloud, 360 video support, 50GB of cloud storage, integration with Google Drive, Box and other platforms, 4 team members, analytics, cross-posting via FaceBook, training, dedicated support.