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There was a problem with payment through the online bank. We could not find out who was to blame, but the money did not get to eTutorium Webinar. The next day the webinar was already planned, and because of the busy schedule at work I had no opportunity to deal with the bank. In the end I explained the situation to the developers, and they went along.

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For several months now I have been using webinars for corporate meetings. It is no longer necessary to gather the entire team in one office and disconnect the employees from their work - we set the time and connect. You can discuss all work issues, make reports, statistics, set new tasks - in short, there are no restrictions.

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eTutorium is a platform for hosting webinars.

For their online events, more than 15,000 satisfied users in 16 countries use the eTutorium webinar service.

Plan events, invite attendees, issue reminders, connect with them, engage them, and provide notes - all without ever leaving your eTutorium webinar account!

The platform has prioritized broadcast quality, a user-friendly design, and interactive connection with audience members. More than 100 valuable features and tools will be available to you during the stages of preparing a webinar, advertising it, conducting it, and following it up.

You choose the webinar and online streaming platform for its stability, versatility, and ease of use.