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The selling point for the airmeet planning for me is the social lounge. Is that coming to the iPhone anytime soon? If not it’s just another zoom counterpart. You guys should consider adding the social lounge and exhibitor booths for the mobile apps

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It's almost like having a conference in reality! The meeting rooms, stage, hosts, audience, everything. Very well organised. The controls are great too. The features such as polls and quizzes make the platform even more interesting.

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I've used many different platforms to hold meetup and summits but I think I've finally found a platform that I will use monthly for our virtual events. What I like best about Airmeet is the ability to see the virtual "tables" and see who is sitting there. I also like the ability to do speed networking.

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Ignite deep conversations with attendees organically
Host interactive webinars, community meetings, training seminars and general meetings that bring everyone together.


Active support to help you stay on top of your game
Our team of event fanatics work 24×7, so sit back and relax while we help you create memorable experiences.


Ensure engagement with those on the go
Provide an exciting and engaging event experience for everyone!  It doesn't matter if they're working in a coffee shop, walking in the park, or sitting on the couch. Your attendees can join sessions, take surveys, sit down at tables, and engage in endless conversations with everyone at the event.