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For three years I've been actively running ads from this teaser. The traffic is of high quality, the price per click is acceptable. I'm waiting for the second price auction to come back.

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I've tried ads from different teaser networks on my sites and so far not one has compared to Visitweb. There are several reasons for that. The first one is of course the daily payouts and the absence of a minimum, everything happens immediately on demand. The second is the different ways of monetization, some of them do not even look like advertising, do not spoil the view. The income is good. Plus the code is designed to bypass ad blockers, which is very relevant these days. Well, and the third is the rapid response of the support team.

As for me, this is the only network which is focused on webmasters instead of advertisers. I am satisfied, I recommend it to everyone.

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Options for providing services


VisitWeb is one of Russia's most technologically advanced and largest advertising networks. There are eight new advertising types that have been added to the mix recently. Everything from news to adalt is available on the thematic network. Targeting, macros, and postbacks all have their own options. Not sure how to set it up? - Read the instructions in the overview! Features to look for include: Rates for PUSH traffic use CPA traffic buying and selling (pay per action) Affiliate programs make large payments. PostBack Financial intake and output are extremely flexible, with nearly no restrictions.


VisitWeb's main features include:


Teaser network / push traffic is a type of traffic.


Advertisers and webmasters are two types of users.


Formats for advertising: You can employ eight different advertising forms on Visit Web.


1. Traditional teaser blocks


2. In the case of Mobile Blind, a visitor is forwarded to the advertiser's site in the same window as the following page. The cost per click for this format is the highest.


3. Lite Blind, the advertiser's site appears in a new window, ensuring that the visitor's attention is drawn to it.


4. When you clickunder, a new window appears in the background with the advertiser's website.


5. Embed: An ad unit appears when you move your mouse over a certain section of the page. As a result, the ad unit will always be visible to the visitor.


6. "Messenger" is designed to look like a social media pop-up message.


7. At regular intervals, a "slider" appears on top of the site's content.


"Direct Link" is number eight. There is only one link, which takes the visitor to the teaser exhibition, and the webmaster is paid for each click on it.


There are two payment options.

1) Targeting: When using a BASIC plan, the primary targeting settings, such as Geo, Devices, Carriers, IP, and the ad time frame, are set. Filters for browser language, gender, age, and click-through number are added to the standard ones when BUSINESS and LUXURY tariffs are utilized.


News, Goods, and Entertainment are the other two topics. There are other sub-themes, including adalt.


There are almost 50 thousand advertising platforms in the VisitWeb advertising network.


3. Retargeting: The VisitWeb network provides a one-of-a-kind capability for retargeting. It tries to assist in only paying for clicks that generate genuine revenue. The system keeps track of how many times a user clicks on different topics and sends the information to a macro. You have the option to pay for the ability to track and select the amount of clicks in the statistics. The rest is routed to other marketers via the system. In addition, the advertiser has the option of specifying a specific IP list of visitors.