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The automatic features of SocialDog are fantastic for growing your Twitter audience without having to do the majority of the effort. When you use their keyword monitoring and 'action agent' features, SocialDog will go out and find relevant Twitter people, follow them, and your Twitter audience will expand automatically. You only need to set a few parameters, and SocialDog will take care of the rest.

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Sprout offers a very user-friendly and graphically beautiful dashboard. The reporting data is offered in a number of formats to suit the needs of various types of learners. Their customer service team has been really attentive and helpful in setting up our account so far. We may also respond to incoming communications in one spot rather than on each platform separately.

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Sprout Social are powerful tools for scaling a growing business.

Optimize and scale social interactions

Go from suppressed to empowered. Increase visibility, improve responsiveness and boost efficiency with Sprout Social.


Overflowing inboxes, missed messages, and time-consuming tasks don't have to be the norm. From community management to customer service, Sprout gives you the tools you need to remove barriers to engagement and social success.


Simplify and strengthen your social media postings

Swap the hard work for the easy work. Save time, maintain collaboration, and maximize impact with Sprout Social.


Manually getting in and out of native platforms to plan and publish social posts will be a thing of the past. Sprout gives you the tools you need to replace time-consuming tasks with automated ones.


Make strategic decisions with social media analytics

Save time and stop second-guessing. Accelerate data collection, prove ROI and strategize with Sprout Social.


Access metrics without the clutter. Collecting data shouldn't get in the way of you getting value out of it. Eliminate time-consuming manual processes in favor of automated reports that are ready for presentation.


Infuse confidence, not confusion. Metrics are useless without meaning. Quickly collect and research detailed data to measure results, demonstrate impact and influence decision-making.


Justify your business strategy with a social audit

Understand the "why," standing after the "what." Uncover actionable insights, beat the competition and improve brand reputation with Sprout Social.