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They enable us to automate the scheduling of several prominent social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, among others. It helps you save a lot of time. I had previously used the Hootsuite trial, but I preferred this tool.

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I appreciate being able to arrange material for many platforms from a single location. I can also make different versions of the same post for other platforms and get useful recommendations on how to optimize my post for each one. My social media strategy saves me time while delivering better outcomes. I can make more improvements without spending numerous hours per day on social media. I complete all of my social media tasks in a single day, allowing me to return to working with my writing clients.

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Service options


Organize your content by categories

Classify your content in SocialBee to save time when creating posts.

Plan content with categories in mind to get a balanced mix of content across all your social profiles, just like the best social media marketers do.


Evergreen / Share-Once publishing.

Re-publish your popular evergreen content to draw more attention to your high-producing content and save even more time.

You can update your repurposed content by adding publishing options and leaving ample time between postings.

For time-sensitive content, you can choose from a variety of expiration features to keep your posts relevant.


Add and import content

Use our RSS features to import content from a variety of sources or set up our integration with Zapier to automatically add content to SocialBee.

You can even use our concierge service of social media specialists to have someone from our team create custom content just for you.


Set up a publishing schedule

When scheduling your publications, you can start with the SocialBee templates and then customize your calendar to your liking.


Use different calendar views and schedule statistics to create the perfect publishing calendar for all your profiles.


Take a look at 100s of upcoming publications that are viewed in the order they are published.


Custom URLs and tracking

Use URL shorteners to make your links smarter and prettier at the same time. Track your results with customizable UTM settings.


Pixelate your audience to retarget them online and more.


Analyze performance

Track your social media performance with SocialBee's Analytics.


You'll be able to track the growth of your social media profiles, your most popular posts, the number of likes, comments, retweets and reposts.