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Very good. Loved the ease of access and the ability to keep up with my data shout having to use google analytics or things of that sort.

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The automatic features of SocialDog are fantastic for growing your Twitter audience without having to do the majority of the effort. When you use their keyword monitoring and 'action agent' features, SocialDog will go out and find relevant Twitter people, follow them, and your Twitter audience will expand automatically. You only need to set a few parameters, and SocialDog will take care of the rest.

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The capabilities of the service


Both companies and individuals have benefited from SocialDog's assistance in increasing the number of members to their accounts. A lot of features are available to assist you in effectively increasing your membership count.


Increase efficiency by automating processes.
Increase efficiency by automating the management and analysis of tweets and follows, enabling you to focus on more creative work.


Increase the number of people who follow you and improve your engagement.

All of the features you'll need to boost interaction and grow your following are included.


Get the help you require.
Users new to managing a Twitter account may acquire all the information they need with thorough support and tutorials. There is also a support form available.