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Brands24 offers a very straightforward and easy-to-understand user interface. Its data organization and available facts are remarkable.

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You can keep track of all mentions of your firm (or any other word or phrase) on the web with Brand24. It's critical to respond to everything mentioned about your firm on the internet as soon as feasible. This enables you to rapidly resolve client issues, defuse heated debates, and even come up with brilliant business solutions. With Brand24, all of this is achievable. Aside from being a terrific tool, Brand24 has a number of intriguing use cases that can help you grow your business. Their tool's UI and UX make it enjoyable and simple to use.

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Capabilities of service


1. Take care of your online reputation.

Before the story reaches you, pay attention to your brand reps' favorable comments and reply to unsatisfied clients.


2. Automated mood assessment

Positive, negative, and neutral mentions are segmented using advanced mood criteria.


3. Real-time notifications

Receive immediate notifications about bad references and take involved in important discussions before it's too late.


4. Improve client satisfaction

Follow and participate in online reviews, social media mentions, blogs, bulletin boards, and news sites, among other things.


5. Get to know your clients

To increase communication, find out what customers enjoy and dislike about your firm.


5. Get to know your clients

To increase communication, find out what customers enjoy and dislike about your firm.


6. Use the internet to attract customers.

To improve customer happiness, access and engage in online mentions.


7. Track the results of your marketing and public relations initiatives.

Find out how many people have seen your brand mentioned. Keep track of your interactions, such as likes, posts, and comments.


Reports that are generated automatically

Our daily and weekly reports will help you save time. Data can be exported as PDF and Excel reports.


9. Key performance indicators

Keep track of key performance indicators, such as coverage and participation.


Hashtag tracking is number ten.

Follow numerous hashtags to learn about influential people. With a hashtag, you can track campaign effects like reach and engagement.