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Николай Архипов

Николай Архипов on Glideapps

В целом неплохой редактор, удобный и надежный
Алексей Калугин

Алексей Калугин on Creative Tim

Абсолютно отличная поддержка (как до, так и после покупки), с краткими, но подробными ответами на "трудные" (технически сложные), а также глубокие юри...
Иван Мельник

Иван Мельник on Creative Tim

Простая в использовании, интуитивно понятная библиотека с буквально любым шаблоном, который вы только пожелаете. Нужен ли вам шаблон для электронной к...
Семёнова Инга

Семёнова Инга on Creative Tim

Я зарабатываю на жизнь созданием веб-приложений и поражаюсь качеству шаблонов. Они первоклассные и качественно построенные. Спасибо appsumo.
Андрей Данилюк

Андрей Данилюк on Creative Tim

Простая в использовании, интуитивно понятная библиотека буквально с любым шаблоном, который вы захотите. Нужен ли вам шаблон электронной коммерции, па...

One of the most common questions associated with application development is whether the application that will soon be designed, conceived and developed is even feasible. Well, the only way to get an answer to that question is to test the idea in a field of realistic prospects. You will have to take your idea, create a working prototype and then put it out into the public domain to see if people will be interested in it.

Until you present your idea to consumers, or at least see how applications similar to yours work in the marketplace, it is impossible to know whether your idea will be successful.


Although there is no doubt about it, your app should be one that can be categorised in any of the categories prevalent on the Play Store and Apple Store.

Knowing the category of the app will greatly reduce the time needed for competitive research. We therefore recommend knowing both the main category and at least one secondary category to which your mobile app belongs.

What good is an app if you can't get money from it. Getting an idea of how much ROI you are generating from the app, how much money your app is getting from its users.

There are many ways to make money from your app. From turning your app into a paid app to providing in-app advertising space to brands looking for ad space, you can make money from your mobile app in a variety of ways.

Regardless of which method you choose to monetise your app, the ideal way to implement it is to implement it from the very beginning of its stay in the shop. Don't wait until you see the response to the app before introducing a monetisation method, implement it from the first day it is on the market.


Like time, cost is another factor that depends entirely on the number of features you plan to include in your mobile app. Getting quotes from different app development agencies can help you shape and fix your budget. To make it easier for you to estimate the cost, we've created a guide called "How much does it cost to develop a mobile app" to help you determine the range you should keep in mind.

In the meantime, here are the factors that make up the full cost of the project:





App integration with existing systems

When you negotiate with the mobile app development company of your choice, make sure that your list of questions to ask the app developer includes the various elements they include in the price they offer and a rough estimate of what you might have to pay over and above that in the name of updating the app or extending it.


How do I choose the best mobile app builder?

You will find dozens of paid and free mobile app builders on Google or Yandex. However, before spending time on a thorough study of the tools, interface and prices, I recommend creating a list of requirements for the service. 


Include the basic criteria in it, and then complete the list with your wishes:


Platforms. It is desirable to choose a designer, which can create an application for both iOS and Android. Such a service would save time, because otherwise you would have to do double work.


Usability of the interface. It is a matter of taste, but a lot depends on it. For example, if you do not speak English well and the designer is not russified, you have to translate the name of each tool or even click the buttons at random. And this drags out development time.


Set of tools. Some builders have templates for different types of mobile applications - for example, for photo and video editors, readers, online shops, media sites and blogs. They can even be branded - for free or for a small fee. Be sure to check if any of those services you like have such an option.


Price. Some constructors are available to users free of charge, while others will ask you to pay a fee for downloading or placing the software in the app shops, and still others can only be used with a paid license. Clarify this point before you start creating anything.


Monetization opportunities. If you plan to monetize the app in the future, see if you can create such products in the builder. Otherwise you will have to choose another service and spend time on development again. If you are going to promote your company's products and services in a mobile app, choose a builder that has a ban on displaying ads.


Before reviewing a selection of the best mobile app builders, answer the question, "Does your company even need an app?" Think about your target audience, products and services. If you sell expensive and/or technically complex products - such as IT outsourcing or road construction equipment - a mobile app is unlikely to help you increase sales.


Huge investments are made every year just to acquire a corporate mobile app that could be a game-changer for their owners. An effective mobile app plays a key role in the success of any company's business, which is why it's important for owners to choose the services of a mobile app development company.