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Simple, intuitive, and if there are very "inexperienced users" among the users, even with them, the implementation of Yoolla will go more or less smoothly. Many ready-made reports for analytics. Possibility to create additional forms (eg, customer profiling) without involving programmers and developers.
Developers respond quickly to questions and comments. Good technical support.

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Excellent integration with ip telephony, a lot of settings

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Integration with Asterisk


The high efficiency of the pair "CRM + IP-telephony" requires no proof. It's not just convenient, but also helps to bring the level of interaction with customers to a new level. YoollaCRM integrated with Asterisk and Oktell ip-telephony servers and services. The call is immediately "personalized" if the organization is in your database. Dialling is by one click. And detailed statistics on the calls will show the manager who is active and who is "waiting by the sea of weather


Ability to integrate with the PBX software "Asterisk": 


  • Making a call from CRM with Callback function (PBX calls you first, and then the caller)

  • Record in the history of activities of the person or organization about the call (in case of a successful connection)

  • Caller identification from CRM database - CallerID receipt

  • Notification popup about an incoming call with the phone number identification in the CRM Database

  • Recording of incoming/outgoing calls in the Client/Contact card with the ability to listen to the call and start typing