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Automatic call tagging is available in Ringostat. We also implemented call tagging by managers. The manager inputs the code for the call's category after each call. As a result, we receive sorted calls throughout the initial stages of dealing with a client.

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Excellent quality. IVR settings that are good. Because the managers' phones are busy, we lose new calls to our company. We made the decision to deploy an interactive phone line. You may hear a voice recording requesting you to wait a few minutes if all supervisors are busy. The typical beeps were replaced with music. In addition, while waiting for the manager's answer, our clients listen to the audio greeting.

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Ringostat Call Tracking


Call tracking is a technology that determines the advertising source of a call. Thanks to the call tracking, the marketer knows exactly how effective a campaign and intelligently allocates the advertising budget.



What tasks does call-tracking solve?


  • Understanding which ads are generating calls: eliminate the blind spot in analytics reports. Make decisions based on complete data, including call statistics.

  • Optimize marketing spends: The most interested customers are the ones who call. Know which ads bring in exactly those customers and allocate your budget to them.

  • Understanding how managers handle requests: watch the number of missed and targeted calls in your call-tracking reports. This will be an indisputable argument in the eternal conflict between marketing and sales


Virtual PBX Ringostat


Virtual (cloud) PBX - a telephony, which works over the Internet. Allows you to quickly provide reliable communication business of any size. Connected in a day, requires no additional investment in equipment, suitable for any working conditions for the sales department.



Which Ringostat products will provide connectivity:


  • Virtual ATC 2.0: must-have business telephony tools for a company of any size. Your managers will always be in touch - working from the office, home, another city or even a country.

  • Smartphone: an easy-to-use browser extension. Allows you to make one-click calls from any page and get instant access to your CRM. Saves time and simplifies a sales manager's work.

  • Insider: is essentially a virtual analytical assistant for the sales manager. Gives valuable insights about the client at the time of the call - what request he came in for, how often he is on the site, and what he was looking at.

  • Messenger: a multi-vidget that allows customers to write to you directly from the site in the messenger of their choice, and the sales manager can process all such messages in one window.


Ringostat's Callback


Callback or callback form – a website widget that connects a client with your company's management in 30 seconds. The callback widget is fully integrated into the website design and appears at the right time to invite visitors to call.


Handling calls with callback capabilities:


Callbacks are referrals from users that are interested in purchasing. The capability of Ringostat allows you to manage these calls in a flexible manner and keep track of everything that occurs to them.


Ringostat Cross-Sectional Analytics


End-to-end analytics is a method of evaluating the effectiveness of advertising channels by the revenue they bring in. Without end-to-end analytics, you have no real picture of marketing ROI and can only assess its effectiveness by intermediate metrics.


What the end-to-end analytics report includes:


  • Interactive graphs: just select the metrics you want and the graph will build on them.

  • Detailed sources: know which ads are profitable - right down to the keyword.

  • Spending by Campaign: keep track of both total ad spend and breakdown by each channel.


Smart phone for the sales team


An intuitive Google Chrome add-on that's easier and more convenient to use than a phone.


Ringostat Insider


Sales manager's virtual analytical assistant. Know the most about the customer before you even answer his call or message and increase sales.


Ringostat Messenger


  • Connect integration with available messengers. Users will see a widget on your site through which they can write.

  • Users can also write directly from messengers or through the company's Facebook page.

  • Handle requests from different messengers in a single window, Ringostat Smart Phone. You can download the business plugin in the Google Chrome store, but it only works together with the Ringostat virtual PBX.