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I love that dialing a prospect/customer from the Freshdesk contact center (previously known as FreshCaller) is super easy. Their support team replies within a few minutes and sorts out issues quickly.

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Flexibility and simplicity of use Fast, efficient, and straightforward

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A phone system for a really international company.




  • Purchase local phone numbers in over 90 countries for the most efficient communication.

  • Personalize voicemail greetings and redirect after-hours calls to voicemail by routing calls to voicemail.

  • Tiered IVR with Segmented Calls - You may build up a versatile PBX system with the ability to quickly route calls to your managers or groups, as well as allow self-service capabilities.

  • Shared transmission lines allow you to scale up by sharing a single phone number with numerous users and answering incoming calls from any phone, anywhere.

  • Freshcaller's mobile app allows you to make and receive calls while on the move. Android and iOS versions are available.

  • Import your contacts - if you have a list of contacts, you may download them all at once rather than generating each one individually, which saves time. Телефонная система для действительно глобального бизнеса.

  • Create your own routing rules based on data from third-party systems like CRM or helpdesk to automate call routing.

  • Set up call queues to simplify receiving calls, distribute call loads equally, and define routing rules based on queues for efficient call queue management.

  • Filter by call information, status, and other parameters to track and monitor performance. With real-time data, you can effectively assess your call center's entire performance.