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Excellent idea, but the implementation is horrible and the irresponsibility of the staff. It's not the first year the client, if earlier at least something could be achieved, but now only promise that we will call back, work on the problem and disappear.

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Price quality at the highest level, support responds quickly! I recommend to everyone!!!

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Binotel products cover all the main channels of communication with customers, automate processes and increase employees' efficiency.


  • Virtual PBX - for efficient work with calls to the sales department

  • Binotel GetCall - to increase the number of appeals from the site

  • Binotel Call Center - for efficient processing of a large flow of calls

  • Binotell Call Tracking - to improve the effectiveness of your advertising

  • Binotel Smart CRM - for lead and customer management

  • PocketLine, Binotel Wire - for working with smart telephony on cell phones


Each product is unique and is a ready-made independent solution for implementing your objectives.


When you combine and use all of Binotel's services, you get a powerful platform for communication with customers.


The entire Binotel product line has been created so that companies who use it in their work get more sales, more satisfied customers, and maximum benefits.