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Кирилл Сокол

Кирилл Сокол on Zoho Campaigns

Кампании Zoho помогли мне связаться с моими клиентами и уведомить их о последних акциях. Я использую его для обмена информацией о своих продуктах, нов...
Николай Архипов

Николай Архипов on Creative Tim

Абсолютно отличная поддержка (как до, так и после покупки), с краткими, но подробными ответами на "трудные" (технически сложные), а также глубокие юри...
Валерий Жмышенко

Валерий Жмышенко on

Как и любая тема в Ext.NET, основные два способа настройки того, какую тему вы хотите использовать в приложении, это либо в масштабах всего сайта с по...
Алексей Мартышев

Алексей Мартышев on Creative Tim

Хотя существует множество сайтов со сниппетами для Bootstrap, эти, безусловно, самые красивые, которые я бы действительно использовал. Хорошая работа ...
Денис Ракитин

Денис Ракитин on

Ext.NET - быстрый набор из 140+ компонентов пользовательского интерфейса ASP.NET для создания кроссплатформенных веб-приложений с большим объемом данн...
Семёнова Инга

Семёнова Инга on Creative Tim

У них красиво оформленные темы и наборы пользовательского интерфейса. Мы использовали их много раз и продолжим использовать их, поскольку они великоле...

Yes, you are right to ask that question. It is the first doubt that comes to mind, and quite rightly so. The lines between a website and a web application are pretty blurred.

Here's the real difference. A website can be a static page that only provides information and may or may not be login-dependent.

A web application, on the other hand, is a dynamic web application that responds to user input and allows users to perform certain tasks over the internet.

In short, any website that has a client-side component that allows users to perform tasks can be called a web application.

Web applications are designed to perform specific tasks that help the user solve a problem. Websites can exist simply to provide information.


To answer this question, you need to carefully structure the sub-costs of your web application.

The final cost of your application is determined by a number of factors. The complexity inherent in the application, the number of features you will include, the web development company you choose and a number of other factors will affect the final cost.

If you are developing a simple app with a basic interface and basic functionality, you can expect to build a web app for between $2K and $17K.

For a more professional application, which may require a small team of developers and designers working on the project for up to 3 months, the cost could be $20K to $50K.

For more complex web applications that require custom UI/UX design, complex web application programming, integration of multiple APIs, etc., the upper limit of web application development cost can be $100-250K and its creation can take up to 6 months.


How to choose the best web application development service?

How to choose a web application development company?


Nowadays the internet is developing rapidly and there are new websites with online services which are becoming important in people's lives and help to solve different tasks. Very important place websites have taken in business, because most often people resort to making purchases on the internet. All because it is fast and very convenient. Entrepreneurs resort to the services of programmers and IT companies to make a website or a mobile application that will effectively solve business problems.


Depending on these tasks, entrepreneurs face a lot of questions. Not only what kind of website to make, but also how to choose a web app development company.


Types of websites

-There are many different types of sites that solve specific problems.


-Corporate portal - does not only serve an informational role, but aims to improve the quality of work with customers, partners and employees.


-Business card website - contains only a little information about the company and its services.


-Promotional website - focuses on showcasing and marketing the brand, products or services.


-Landing site - used to collect customer contacts for future sales. Often used for advertising and audience growth.


-E-shop - is used to place orders for online purchase, pay by e-money or card.


Types of online services

-Types of online services are also numerous, here are some of the popular ones:

-Online services for buying plane tickets

-Online services for buying and renting

-Services for paying utility bills

-Services for tracking city transportation

-Online Doctor Appointment

-How to choose a web development company

Building such websites and web services is a very complex and time consuming process. Therefore, a web development company must not only be technically professional but also understand the nuances of the business for which the development takes place. After all, the site or application should not just work, and solve the problems of business and bring profit. 

So before choosing a development company, make sure that they fit the following parameters:

Developers should only use proven and stable technologies. So ask what tools, modules and extensions will be used in the project, if they are not outdated and if there will be any problems with them in the future.

The diversity of mobile devices has led to each device having a different screen size. When accessing a website or online service from any device, website content must automatically adjust to the screen size and display equally correctly. This is called adaptability. It should be taken into account if you want to work with mobile audiences.

Turnkey development
There are companies which only do the development of the program code, and have to order the interface design from another company. It would be perfect if the company could do the whole turnkey job: analysis, design, development, testing, promotion.

Data security
Do developers pay attention to data security of the site or web application in its design.

In the future, as the project grows, it will need to be refined and the functionality will need to be built up. Therefore, the application should allow you to easily plug in additional components and add code without having to redo much of it.