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I design sites and therefore often need a similar service. I can not name the minuses, I like everything, configuration of course primitive, but it's enough.

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Online favicon and logo generator service that is both cheap and quick. The logo can be exported in SVG format.

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The simplicity platform is the main plus of Logotizer. The limited toolset is the key disadvantage. You can make changes, but it doesn't significantly change the final result. You can change the font, color and add text. Quality icons are severely lacking!

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Logotizer is a tool for generating SVG vector logos and icons.

With Logotizer, you can design a logo for your business, a logo for your website, or a logo for use on T-shirts, mugs, or other branded merchandise.




  • Simplicity is the key - to make one, you don't need any artistic abilities or access to a graphic editor.

  • All available formats - both the logo and the favicon are available in vector and raster versions. You are not required to convert files for a certain purpose.

  • Speed - you can create a logo in minutes using Logotizer.

  • Work from home - you don't need to download anything; you can make your logo directly in the site's editor.

  • Low-cost - you'll save money on design work with Logotizer.

  • There is room for creativity - there are several forms, blanks, and tools available for designing a distinctive, company-style logo.