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Art Text 4 is not much different from Art Text 3, except that the developers now think they can charge you more money by making you buy more junk from an app that's going through better times.

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Really enjoyed working with Art text, for me as a designer the app is great help and timesaver

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Art Text comes with a wide variety of ready-made styles and materials, a selection of textures, icons, fonts and backgrounds, special effects and shape transformations. Art Text guarantees a stunning look for your icons, logos, postcards, flyers and presentations. Great Service

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Materials and Styles

Text styles, surface textures, and effects are all available in Art Text. With readily adjustable textures, surface relief maps, ambient textures, highlights and shadows, and other options to create new materials, your imagination will soar.



Use the provided assortment of coffee beans, colourful beads, leaves, Lego bits, and even clouds to beautifully lay down text, or import your own fill pictures. Experiment with letter arrangement and full sizes, ranging from extremely random to quite organized.


Mask Effects.

To show old text or a scratched effect, use multiple masks to customize the text finish. With a simple click, you can even create a stamping effect. Experiment with the settings and mix masks with other effects to get surprising yet amazing results.


Effects of distortion

Change the font's form significantly beyond the usual headset settings. With side distortion, you may easily delete text on both sides, make random holes in the body with erosion, and partially darken text with blur distortion, among other things.


Materials for shading
A range of aesthetic effects, such as imperfections or embossing, may be achieved using special 2D materials. You can also give your images a lovely watercolour, oil paint, or pencil drawing effect by applying a glass, plastic, or gold finish, making the surface glossy, matte, brilliant, or faded. The Material Editor is useful for generating unique shaded materials for the most demanding users.


Real 3D Words

Art Text uses a 3D modelling technique to let you turn any text, symbol, or icon into three dimensions. Our graphic design program contains a 3D rendering tool as well as a number of 3D materials that can be customized to produce ultra-realistic results every time.