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I use arka packaging for unbranded stock boxes. They are one of the cheapest eco-friendly sources that I was able to find.

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These reviews aren't great, but given how late they were during the holidays, I kind of expected them. People, it's a pandemic!

At the very least, the boxes were really attractive.

Since then, I've worked with them again, and the turnaround times have been excellent.

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I really like Arka because it's a really beautiful box, I get a lot of compliments on it.

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Arka is a company that specializes in e-commerce packaging.



Meet the professionals in packaging.


  • Arka is a packaging expert with over a decade of experience. She prioritizes business over anything else. It works with all of the platforms you're already using or will need to be successful in eCommerce.

  • You can obtain the right packaging for your brand in only a few clicks! You can connect to any WMS or just use their online designer to assist you.

  • Designed specifically for you - Arka offers the lowest minimum costs, competitive rates, top-notch materials, and excellent customer service when it relates to your company's packaging needs.

  • If you require a rapid turnaround, there is a solution to generate the industry's lowest minimum costs at the best rates to assist you (entrepreneur, manufacturer, small business) in getting up to speed in custom packaging manufacturing.