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A functional application, including task lists. Even clippers for browsers and some collaboration options are available.

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Because of its information management system, great word processing solutions, sharing and collaboration capabilities, Nimbus Web Platform is the best content creating system in my opinion. I truly enjoy the user interface's graphic solutions. The assistance center's small films and pictures provide quick and easy answers to any questions. Offline work is also possible with the desktop client. Excellent options!

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Very handy notebook!

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Наличие партнерской программы


Let your clients relax


  • Your clients don't need to use all 50+ tools you do. They just need to open Nimbus in their browser

  • One-link access for your clients

  • Our collaboration tool makes it easy to give feedback on any element

  • Easily transform feedback into action items for project management

  • Send emails to the client portal and keep all information in one place

Satisfied clients are the best strategy and source of growth for your business!


Empower your business with the best online tools


  • White Label and Branding for your client portal

  • White label and branding for your collaboration platform

  • Connect your own CNAME and SMTP server to Nimbus pages

  • Add your branding & logo and erase mentions of Nimbus

  • Integrate your favorite marketing tools and better interact with your audience via our collaboration software

  • Embed all-in-one Nimbus documents to your platforms and bring flexibility to them

Strive for greater success. Rule your business and let it grow online