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Aventri - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Cvent - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Signupgenius - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Splash - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Event registration software comes in a variety of forms. You will need to install the features you need. What do these features provide? Which ones are most important to your planned event? 

Attendee management and ticketing


Registration software will usually provide a landing page where people can RSVP (invite) to your event. You can link to this page on your website, social media and email marketing campaigns. If you automate your visitor tracking, you'll make your life a lot easier. Or you can even set up automatic email reminders for your guests. 

Easy to use 


You've no doubt used the software before, which makes it feel like you're trying to fly a spaceship. Event software shouldn't give you a headache. Some software is incredibly easy to use. 



You want to share information about your event with as many people as possible, especially if it's open to the public. Event registration software can be linked to email marketing, social media and more. Bizzabo, for example, integrates with more than 750 different platforms

Using your registration software for payments? Make sure that you use a version that integrates with several payment platforms. That way you won't lose a visitor because he couldn't pay.

Email, marketing tools and branding 


Your 'product' is your logo, your invitation and your website when your doors are still closed. 

Consider whether you can incorporate your own branding, or whether you're stuck with templates. How flexible can email campaigns be? In this case, the look and feel is important.

  • Be aware of time zones (especially if you are planning the participation of foreign speakers);
  • use your speakers and participants for promotion - offer them ready-made texts and images about your event which they can share on social networks, ask speakers to talk about the preparation of the presentation on their pages;
  • write a detailed script for the conference and describe in advance all possible risks and how to deal with them;
  • study and set up a backup platform in advance to avoid technical problems and teach your speakers and moderators how to use it;
  • Create an organizers' chat room for the duration of the event to discuss urgent issues.

A guide to choosing a service for events 


The right solution can make planning any event easier.


We have put together a guide to help you choose the best solution for your needs. Depending on the size of your event or business, you can prioritise different features. 


Price (and pricing structure)

Some charge a fixed price for their services, such as a monthly fee. Some charge a flat fee per ticket, while others charge a percentage. You may even find combinations of these three types of fees.


If you are holding a large event, a fixed fee may be the best choice so that prices don't start to rise quickly.


Suggested insights 

One of the most powerful tools your solution can give you is insight into your customers' behaviour. When choosing, consider what statistics they can provide.


You can check statistics such as event page conversions, total revenue, visitors and registrations.  Some services may show such as refunds, for example. This type of data is very difficult to collect without a suitable solution. Having access to them will ultimately make your events more successful.


You need to be able to manage every aspect of your planned event and make it as meaningful to your audience as possible. Everything from the terms and conditions of the event to the timetable you create is important. Solutions automate the entire process with the addition of additional tools and features. This makes it easy to market, plan, implement and evaluate your event. 


Key features and capabilities
How easy is the solution and its management system? - An important component to running and managing an event is the branding and production of the event. Many providers state that their solution is the most suitable and the easiest to use. It is likely that such services have limited functionality and may not generally meet your needs. While more complex services require more time and expense to learn, the savings in automation can be a big plus. In addition, many solutions have robust technical support, to fix bugs, help your team and optimise performance for maximum results. 


Venue search - A big plus would be the ability to search and submit queries to multiple venues at once, or select them for your event. There can usually be a lot riding on this, so pay attention to the speed of processing and sending queries that the chosen solution offers and whether there are any at all.


 What tools does the service have for marketing and promotion? - Targeted advertising and campaigns created with special tools are an important part of any event. Your system should offer a wide range of options to increase the effectiveness of visits, registrations and visibility, and participation in the event. This includes the creation of automated emails based on the type of contacts, their needs and interests. Email marketing tools should be robust enough to send emails. The availability of list segmentation, contact personalization and other key data about the event participants would be a big plus. You always need a customized approach for each event in order to optimize your marketing.


Budget control and cost tracking - For many professionals budget management and cost tracking is very important, it is usually difficult and time consuming to control. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided. That's why pay attention to whether the service has a simple event budget management option. This is the key to collecting accurate data, savings opportunities, return on investment and making better decisions. 


How varied are the options for setting up the visitor registration process? - Potential attendees want to feel that the event is tailored to them, as does all communication associated with the registration process. It should reflect your company's branding and design. You need to control all the steps in the preparation phase, including the registration process by email, on the front page, via the mobile app, name IDs, etc. To create this relevant event requires customization, starting from the registration process. great personalization means being able to first identify whether each visitor to your registration site is a VIP, an existing customer, a potential customer or an affiliate. The solution should be able to pre-provide contact information and customize the registration process according to the type of participant. Sophisticated event management tools allow you to create dynamic registration paths and prices based on preset participant criteria.


Integration with travel businesses or temporary accommodation - The optimum check-in experience for your visitors is a one-stop bank for collecting all information related to your event. This includes travel and accommodation booking information. The integration of accommodation and travel directly means a convenient and optimised user interface for visitors and centralised data for you.

How secure is the payment process? - The solution must provide the highest level of security. You will also want to understand if the system can:


  • Track payments in real time.

  •  Automate chargebacks

  •  Accept international currencies.

  • Offer discounts, coupons and other promotions.

  •  Integrate your payment gateway or collect payments on your behalf

Can you use the solution to manage speakers and the overall content of the event? - In between, while you're broadcasting the speaker's talk and before the event, there's a lot of work to be done. It's gathering materials and information about speakers, evaluating them, accepting and rejecting speaker requests, coordinating the schedule, etc. All this has to be flexible and dynamic. For many organisers, such processes are time-consuming and require extremely manual management. When assessing the feasibility of a solution, pay attention to the availability of automation for this process, so that you can reallocate time and focus on other tasks. 
What will the check-in process look like before the event? The check-in is the starting point for your attendees on the day of the event. If it doesn't work properly, it can be frustrating and give a bad impression of you as the organiser. Pay attention to how the solution manages this process, the entry and exit of attendees, the collection of entry fees, the printing of name badges. Some services provide an opportunity for visitors to register themselves, thereby saving you and them time. The most important thing is to make the right first impression, which will set the tone for your entire event.


What tools will be needed to monitor attendance? - The most popular tool for a personalised and engaging experience is a mobile app. They do away with printed brochures and long timetable sheets. Every attendee can have personalised maps, event schedules, opportunities to communicate with other attendees, gamification, insurance, surveys for feedback and all in the palm of their hand. There are many mobile apps out there, but the most effective ones provide a stream of data collection and integration with the overall platform you work on to organise the entire event. 


 What benefits does the solution provide for event sponsors? - Make sure the service provides the ability to monitor and generate sponsorship offers in invitations, on the branding, during the registration process, on social media, etc.


What reports and analytics are available to measure the success and profitability of your events? - Today, event management is both an art and a science. Accurate measurement and in-depth understanding of key metrics and trends will allow your team to inform decisions on how to improve your events. Understanding event ROI is becoming increasingly important to event managers and others involved in the event. From a potential solution, look for standard reporting options for speed and customisable creation based on your organisation's needs. Also, consider how the event information should be presented to stakeholders. Check if the service has options for monitoring or sending reports automatically.



It's important for every solution to have a number of the simplest yet essential features for a successful registration and event. Pay attention to how you can promote your event, what you can get out of it and improve on it. Sometimes solutions that are easy to use won't provide all the functionality you need, so you should first answer the questions mentioned above in order to choose the right one. Analysis and submission, collection of past event data, control of the registration process, communication and promotion possibilities, and automation of processes that are usually done manually are key factors to consider when selecting a solution. It is also not worth taking a subscription if there is a free plan that provides everything you need.